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Mastering Cybersecurity Risk Management: Robust Protection Strategies

What is the critical path to managing cyber threats effectively in your business? Cybersecurity risk management provides the strategic framework that safeguards your digital assets from the growing burden of cyber attacks. In this article, we'll review the critical processes of threat identification, risk analysis, and tactical mitigation that are essential for the robust protection of your business.

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SOC2 in Healthcare: Ensuring Data Security

In 2023 it is estimated than 50 Million patient records were compromised in more than 900 discrete cyber incidents. These breaches jeopardize patient data security and the reputation of the healthcare organizations involved. Adopting strong cybersecurity measures is the floor for business continuity in healthcare organizations. These steps are essential not only for safeguarding sensitive information but also for regulatory compliance. One of the key frameworks employed for this purpose is SOC2.

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Third-Party Risk Management Essentials Guide

In the modern interconnected world, almost every company works with third-party vendors. However, this collaboration introduces real-world risks, especially when it comes to digital security. It's startling that 30% of cybersecurity incidents can be traced back to a third-party breach. This fact highlights the urgent necessity of sound Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM).

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Cybersecurity Compliance SOC2 Engineering Technical Debt

Case Study: Leading Healthcare Plan Provider Outsourcing Cybersecurity

A leading healthcare plan provider faced a common challenge: managing technical debt while ensuring robust cybersecurity measures in the public cloud. With Protected Health Information's (PHI) sensitive nature, the company needed to ensure SOC2 compliance controls were uniquely applied and refine its aging internal IT processes. Enter Steel Patriot Partners proven process.

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Schellman - Steel Patriot Partners Partnership for implementing compliance and cybersecurity

Schellman Alliance Program Adds Steel Patriot Partners Unified Vendor

TAMPA, FLORIDA – Schellman, a leading provider of attestation and compliance services and a top 50 CPA firm, and Steel Patriot Partners, a governance, compliance, and cybersecurity service firm, proudly announce the inclusion of Steel Patriot Partners into the Schellman Alliance Program. This inclusion joins the expertise and capabilities of two industry leaders, with the aim of delivering confident risk management and compliance.

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Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance Strategies

Cybersecurity Compliance Strategies for Healthcare Executives

In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, compliance with cybersecurity regulations is a non-negotiable requirement. Ensuring the safety of patient data and the operational continuity of your healthcare business is paramount. However, these regulations can sometimes feel cryptic. Here are six practical strategies to address compliance knowledge, risk management, and vendor management in your Healthcare organization.

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