Case Study: Leading Healthcare Plan Provider Outsourcing Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Compliance SOC2 Engineering Technical Debt

A leading healthcare plan provider faced a common challenge: managing technical debt while ensuring robust cybersecurity measures in the public cloud. With Protected Health Information's (PHI) sensitive nature, the company needed to ensure SOC2 compliance controls were uniquely applied and refine its aging internal IT processes. Enter Steel Patriot Partners proven process.

The Challenges

The company was grappling with escalating technical debt from an aging public cloud-hosted production environment, a lack of SOC2 compliance controls tailored to their environment, and inefficient internal IT processes that did not scale with their company's growth. Their in-house team was understaffed and overwhelmed, and the company's revenue growth was being threatened. They needed a solution to address these issues and align with their customized public cloud-hosted environment to provide visibility into their environments.

The Solution

They outsourced cybersecurity engineering and compliance implementation to a specialized firm, Steel Patriot Partners. Steel Patriot Partners had a proven track record of reducing technical debt, implementing cybersecurity controls/tools, and refining IT processes, with specific expertise in public cloud environments to complete audits.

Steel Patriot Partners implemented a comprehensive strategy to reduce technical debt while keeping company culture and sensitivity to change in mind. They streamlined and updated the company's IT processes, ensuring their public cloud environments were secure and continuously monitored while meeting compliance goals.

The Result

The outsourcing strategy significantly reduced technical debt in their public cloud-hosted environment that processes PHI, reducing cybersecurity risk. The streamlined IT processes improved technical teams' efficiency and reduced the risk of cybersecurity threats by adding monitoring for inside and outside attacks. Furthermore, with the help of Steel Patriot Partners, they successfully achieved SOC2 compliance in 2023.

Their decision to outsource cybersecurity engineering proved to be a strategic move that accelerated their abilities to meet client contract requirements for privacy and security. It reduced technical debt, ensured compliance, and allowed the internal IT team to focus on strategic initiatives such as adding new features and functionality to their member base.

Is technical debt keeping you from reaching compliance goals?

Technical debt and risk management are integral to the cybersecurity, governance, and IT compliance strategy an organization puts in place to protect sensitive assets. Steel Patriot Partners focuses on implementing the best practices discussed above with organizations to significantly enhance their ability to quickly identify, assess, and mitigate business risks. Aligning risk management processes and creating a single view into your environment with governance and compliance frameworks is a complex and lengthy initiative; however, it ensures that cybersecurity efforts become integral to the organization's overall risk management strategy. Steel Patriot Partners keeps up with evolving threats, implementing robust controls, and maintaining compliance reporting; organizations can establish a proactive approach to cybersecurity risk management and safeguard their digital assets. Schedule a time to discuss how Steel Patriot Partners makes risk management less complex for your organization.