ViVE 2024 - Visibility Into Healthcare Data

Steel Patriot Partners discusses cybersecurity topics at ViVE 2024


John Emard speaks with Jason Ford from Steel Patriot Partners at ViVE 2024 about important cybersecurity topics being discussed in the Cybersecurity Pavilion.


Hey everyone, we are here live at Vive 2024 Healthcare Conference. I'm here with Jason Ford, CEO of Steel Patriot Partners. Jason, a lot of activity, a lot of keynotes, a lot of buzz here. What are the kind of hot topics that you're hearing about at the conference today? Yeah, so it's really come down to transparency, visibility, and risk management.

Seems to be one of the larger topics we're seeing here. And for the folks that weren't here to hear all these things. What is the kind of key takeaway that you'd like them to know?  You know, just getting visibility into how your data is being used, uh, where, who's using it, why it's being used, uh, and just getting audit artifacts around that.

Get some kind of visibility. Seems to be top of mind for a lot of people here. Uh, and that's something that you should have. If you don't have visibility, you can't do anything about it if something goes wrong. Visibility's key. You've got to have visibility to manage it, right? Absolutely. Awesome. And that's something that Steel Patriot partners can obviously help with.

Absolutely. Alright, so give us a call. More to come.